Why Politics?

When I was in 11th grade, my US History teacher, Mrs. Carlson, did a great job at making US History a personal subject.  Many high school students have no personal interests in what they are learning about their country.  It is just something that concerns other people.  Mrs. Carlson caused me to recognize that our government is only as good as the people we put there.

Do we want a wishy washy society?  Then elect wishy washy leaders.  If we want leaders of high moral values that not only can tell the difference between right and wrong, then we need to be careful who we put into leadership positions.  How do your leaders determine what is right and wrong?  Do they create their own truth?  Leaders who create their own truth try to negate the whole idea of truth for others.

Our form of government is based on the written word.  Why was it written?  Obviously so that we would not forget it.  Sure, we have politicians who openly confess to not knowing the truth.  They could use a dose of Mrs. Carlson’s History class.

What are these written words that help us know how to govern?  First, we have the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Constitution.  A document that we should all agree upon as providing a foundation for our society.  After that we have the United States Constitution, a similar document that provides foundation for our society.  Did you know that both of these documents give reference to Deity and to His Word.  Yes, our foundational documents confess to having a Foundation.  In order to better understand our Constitutions our leaders (and our citizens) need to be familiar with the Document that comes from God.  When God established the early kingdom of Israel He required that their kings know His Word.

As for Truth, where do we find that?  I remember reading somewhere, that Someone said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life…”  Yes, Truth is a person.  How can you know Truth without knowing Him?

Leave me a comment here if you’d like more information.

What are these written words that show us truth?


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