About James M. Brown

Jim is a thoughtful man who can put a plan into action.  He listens to people and finds out what needs to be done.  He is a man of connections who knows where to turn and what to look for.  With 34 years of experience in education including 6 college degrees he has learned the system and has seen that some changes need to be made in the way our state government is run.  Jim has a plan and has thrown his hat into the ring for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives 66th District including Jefferson County and parts of Indiana County.

If you have concerns or questions about the way Pennsylvania should be governed leave a comment here or email Jim with your thoughts.


One Response to About James M. Brown

  1. Patricia Gambol says:

    Hello Dr. James Mark Brown,
    My name is Patricia Gambol. I am a 64 year-old woman with two Master degrees–one in Genetics and one in Nursing. My husband and I grew up in SW PA but we were forced to immigrate to Chicago then California due to the closing of steel mills. But we have come back to our home.
    I was on the April 24 ballot as alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention. I was one of a six man team (tea party folks). Our team did extremely well, but we did not win. At least at this time the vote count shows we did not win. BUT one man on our team,Mark Brown, is doing very, very well. I believe he is doing well because voters think he may be you!! LOL
    I have not checked the vote count today, but I think Mark had over 12,000 votes thanks to your name.
    Good luck

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