Campaign and Election Reform

Where else would you expect to find some common horse sense?  Why, the “Horse Trader” of course.  The “Horse Trader” is well read in Armstrong and Jefferson Counties for folks who like to find good bargains.  But there is a man with some solid thinking and good common sense over there who writes a column called, “The Way I See It…”  Recently he had some thoughts on these past primary elections and he has noticed an area of corruption that is eating away at our American historical tradition of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  Here’s what he says:

I must agree that most often offices are won by the incumbent or someone with the money or ability to raise large sums of money, not always the best candidates.  There are many people that could and would do a great job if elected to office but we will never know because they can’t raise the unbelievable amount of money it takes to get elected.  It’s time we take our country back with campaign reform that limits the amount of money spent and require it to be raised from the area served to make it again so that everyone has the same opportunity to run and serve.

We also need term limits to keep any politician from amassing enough power to be corrupt. Money spent by lobbyists must be cut, after all we have a representative goverment that represents all its citizens, not just those that pay for a vote.  Allowing bills to be voted by merit not how deep the lobbyists pockets are–because in this country the porrest of the poor deserve the same representation as a President in Industry.

Many, myself included, feel our party has left them as leadership values have changed. We are forced to vote either Democrat or Republican if we choose to vote in the primary.  Why not, like other states, allow all voters Republican, Democrat, or Independents to vote for anyone they choose in the primary.  This has worked for years in California, Florida, and many other states.  This would also take away the power of the two party’s leadership if they had to deal with Independents to get a bill passed.

Barry Crytzer properly identifies a frustration with the current system.  How can we expect our representatives to represent us if they are on the payroll of big business and lobbyists?  They continue to get richer and amass more power thus distancing them from the people they are supposed to be representing.  To start with we need a 100% tax on all lobby money that politicians receive that originates from outside of their district.  We also need politicians to exempt themselves from voting on any issue that involves a business that contributed to their campaign.  How can you expect fair and impartial decisions to be made otherwise?


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