Jefferson County Republican Banquet Speech

Jim Brown

Taken March 2012

Why is Jim Brown running for Pennsylvania House of Representatives?  It is because he is a God fearing man who expects more out of his government.  We’ve had Republicans in control of the House for some time now but we still are not getting our conservative agenda passed.  Every day that our Republican legislators drag their feet we have more needless abortion deaths, more rules and regulations choking our local businesses, more taxes, and more politically correct bureaucracy.  Maybe they’ve got something more important to do than save lives and restore freedom to Pennsylvania but as the Representative from the 66th district I will not want even one unnecessary death on my conscience.  The rights of the weakest Pennsylvanians will be a top priority.


I’m not a professional career politician; I am a career educator for 35 years, serving a 2nd term as Brockway Area School Director.  I know full well how government regulations and mandates often do more to harm the educational opportunities for families than to help them.  Education is a local issue and those decisions are best made by those closest to the student.  The ultimate responsibility for the child’s education lies with the family.  I would like to wean Pennsylvania off of Federal education money and return controls to more local levels.


It’s not just in education where we see that politics-as-usual has placed a death grip on the way things are run.  If you are a local businessman or farmer, you know what the government bureaucracies have done to your business these past 26 years.  You don’t have the freedom or support from your government that you need to succeed.  If you are succeeding it is probably in spite of your government instead of because of it.  A top priority in this campaign will be to consult with local business people and farmers to go over these government regulations to determine which ones have outlived their usefulness or should never have been put into law in the first place.  Rather than make new laws I see a greater need to repeal laws that are choking our economy and killing our job market.


Another injustice on our Pennsylvania books is the property tax.  I see a bull’s-eye on that target. Why should schools or any other feature of our society be paid for by just those who own property?  If we have something to spend tax dollars on why don’t we have a sales tax where every consumer will pay a fair share?  No tax should have the power to leave you homeless and that’s why the property tax needs to go.


Throughout my career, I have been a member of my church, the Gideons International, professional librarian & teacher groups, Pennsylvania School Boards Association, and the Brockway Fourth of July Committee.


But whether I am at work in the school, on the farm, in church, or the community, people are a priority for me.  People know me as someone who will listen to them and share the good times as well as the not so good.  I am a man of action.  If there is a cause or job that needs done people know I can be depended on to see the project through to its completion.  If Pennsylvania ever had a cause before it certainly has one in 2012.  I want the people of the 66th district to know they can count on me to help them with the problems they have with the government. 


We are not Pittsburgh, we are not Philadelphia, we are not Harrisburg, we ARE district 66.  We raise our families here, we build our homes here, we worship God here, we work our jobs here.  We are not the same as Harrisburg or any place else. Those places are not home to us.  They are different from us, and they don’t understand us.  It is almost like they are a wilderness to us in the sense that they do not sustain us.  We need representation in Harrisburg that understands that.  I want to be your voice in the wilderness, crying out to deliver those under the yoke of bondage of government over-regulation and to set at liberty them that are bruised with bureaucratic red tape.


Who should support Jim Brown for the House?

  • If you think politicians spend too much money, you should vote for Jim Brown.  I will practice what I preach and refuse the pension of Bonusgate.
  • If you want someone untainted by the good old boy network of Computergate, you should support Jim Brown.  I will fight for term limits and refuse lobby money that conflicts with the conservative values of this district.
  • If you love your country, and want to see the rights of the people protected, as God and the Constitution proclaim they should be protected, then you should support Jim Brown.  I’ve studied and taught both the Bible and the Constitution for years.
  • If you live in the 66th district, you should support Jim Brown. The 66th district is my home.  I will vigilantly guard your personal rights and freedoms that the Constitution has guaranteed to you.
  • I thank you for voting for Jim Brown.

About drjimmbrown

Christian, professional educator, family man, fiscal conservative, defender of family values, skilled communicator.
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