Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

The Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania distributes the following survey to political candidates in Pennsylvania.  Before you vote you need to know where your candidate stands on these important issues.  This is where Dr. James M Brown stands on the issues.


Candidate Survey

  • Annual increases in spending by state, county, and local governments—including school districts—should be constitutionally limited to the rates of population growth and inflation (or a similar index), except during declared emergencies.


__x__ AGREE        ____ DISAGREE    ____UNDECIDED

I agree that spending should be limited as stated above and that in some cases, in some areas of government influence spending should be cut or eliminated.


  • Tax dollars for education should follow children to the school of their choice – public or private – just like higher education.

__x__ AGREE        ____ DISAGREE    ____UNDECIDED

I would prefer tax credits as opposed to vouchers as they usually involve less government intervention but vouchers are better than nothing.


  • Labor unions should be legally prohibited from forcing workers to pay dues or fees as a condition of employment.

__x__ AGREE        ____ DISAGREE    ____UNDECIDED

Unions should be optional for all employees.


  • Pennsylvania should repeal prevailing wage laws for taxpayer-funded construction projects because they increase labor costs upward of 30 percent more than the average Market Wage in a community.


__x__ AGREE        ____ DISAGREE    ____UNDECIDED

The free market should determine the wages of workers.


  • Government employees, including public school teachers, should be prohibited from striking, and lose a day and one-half of pay for each day they do so (similar to New York State’s Taylor Law).

__x__ AGREE        ____ DISAGREE    ____UNDECIDED

Government employees used to be called government or public servants.  They should work because of their calling to serve, not for personal gain.  Striking should be cause for dismissal as they no longer consider themselves servants.


  • Pennsylvania should place a cap on non-economic damages (“pain and suffering”) awarded in a lawsuit, while protecting the rights of victims to recover all economic damages.

__x__ AGREE        ____ DISAGREE    ____UNDECIDED

Lawyers have long abused the system to the detriments of defendants and plaintiffs.  Major reform is needed in Pennsylvania.


  • Pennsylvania should return to a part-time legislature with a limited number of legislative days – similar to 46 other states.

__x__ AGREE        ____ DISAGREE    ____UNDECIDED

Pennsylvania should also not limit or shrink the number of representatives.  The house should save money by reducing pay and benefits.


  • The number of terms someone can serve in either house of the state legislature should be limited – similar to 15 other states.

__x__ AGREE        ____ DISAGREE    ____UNDECIDED

Democracy works best with a citizen legislature as opposed to a professional one.


  • Pension and healthcare benefits for government employees should reflect private sector practices, including 401(k)-style plans for new hires and healthcare cost-sharing.

__x__ AGREE        ____ DISAGREE    ____UNDECIDED

America was not founded on the principle of having an elite class as our current system has developed into.


  • State and local government should privatize liquor sales and other services that can be performed by the private sector, such as golf courses, hotels, fitness centers, and parking garages. 

__X__ AGREE        ____ DISAGREE    ____UNDECIDED

Government should govern and protect the people.  When the government enters business and competes with the private sector monopolies result to the detriment of the public.


  • Pennsylvanians should be allowed to waive health insurance mandates, and health insurers should be allowed to offer mandate-free policies to reduce costs for consumers.


__x__ AGREE        ____ DISAGREE    ____UNDECIDED

Let freedom ring.  People can decide for themselves if they want insurance.


  • Health insurers should not be forced to use “community rating” to determine the cost of premiums, and should be allowed to use “experiential rating,” similar to how auto insurance premiums are determined.


__x__ AGREE        ____ DISAGREE    ____UNDECIDED

Health insurers should be deregulated to the extent that they can offer the most cost effective premiums to the public.


  • Pennsylvania’s tax code should be flat and simple, without loopholes and exemptions; and the burden on all taxpayers – including businesses – should be reduced.

__x__ AGREE        ____ DISAGREE    __x__UNDECIDED

I agree that tax burden should be reduced on individuals and businesses.  I am undecided on the loopholes and exemptions as I would need a definition of them.  I am in favor of tuition tax credits for K-college and some health care needs.

Taxpayer Protection Pledge

I will oppose and vote against the following: (1) Any and all efforts to increase total annual state spending by an amount that exceeds the previous fiscal year’s spending adjusted by the percentage rates of inflation and population growth, except in any fiscal year in which a state of emergency has been declared by the Governor or President; (2) Any increase in state spending requiring an increase in any state tax which is not offset, dollar for dollar, by a reduction in other state taxes; and (3) Any increase in any state tax which is not offset dollar for dollar by a reduction in other state taxes.

Office Held       __Brockway Area School Board Director_______________            District _Brockway

Candidate for   __Pennsylvania House of Representatives______________            District _ 66_____

Signed           ____Dr. James M. Brown ____________________


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Christian, professional educator, family man, fiscal conservative, defender of family values, skilled communicator.
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