Biography of James Mark Brown

Biography of James Mark Brown

Jim is a family man of integrity, a father of six, and an educator of 34 years.  He seeks God’s blessings for his family and the 66th Pennsylvania House District.  The Call demands action, I, James Mark Brown, do hereby announce my candidacy for the position of PA House of Representatives, 66th District.

Known as Jim to most people in Jefferson County, Jim married Cheryl Anne Gustafson, the daughter of Everett and Esther Gustafson at the Brockway Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in 1976.  Jim and Cheryl attended Asbury College together and after graduation taught school in the Kentucky,MartinCountySchool District.  After Asbury Jim and Cheryl attendedMoreheadStateUniversityand theUniversityofKentuckyearning graduate degrees.  Their first daughter, Charity was born there in Kentucky.


In 1983, their home church in Brockway commissioned them as Missionary Associates and sent them toPenang,Malaysiato work as teachers atDalatSchool.  During those years the Browns had their three boys born: Benjamin, Joshua, and Timothy.  In addition to teaching Jim would travel around the state of Penang and some of the rest ofSoutheast Asiaspeaking in various churches.  During the summers Jim continued his education working on his doctorate fromOxfordGraduateSchoolout ofDayton,Tennessee.  In 1992 Jim earned a Masters in Library Science from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Then in 1994 as their family grew to five with the birth of their daughter Christina they returned to the States and found employment as a school administrator inOhionear Jim’s family.  Their family was completed in 1996 with the birth of Michelle.


In 2005 the Browns made the decision to return toJefferson County,Pennsylvaniawhen Cheryl’s dad, Everett, had some heart trouble.  Family is important to the Browns and by God’s grace a home next to Cheryl’s parents came open creating the opportunity to live close enough to help as needed.  Jim and Cheryl have worked at the DuBois First Baptist Church School and now Jim currently works in public education at Jeff Tech in Reynoldsville.

It sure does look like education is in the blood of the Brown family but coursing right along with that is the blood of farming.  Ever since those Kentucky days Jim and Cheryl have raised chickens, ducks, goats, and various other farm animals.  Jim says it helps to raise children when you have animals around.


Throughout Jim’s career, he has been members of the Gideons International, Penang Librarian’s Group, Association of Christian Librarians, National Education Association, Pennsylvania School Boards Association, Brockway Fourth of July Committee, and the Pennsylvania School Librarians’ Association.


Jim’s public office service includes two terms on the Brockway Area School Board where he serves on several committees including the Pennsylvania School Boards Association By-Laws Committee representing PA Region 1 as the Assistant Director.  In other duties as a school director Jim has chaired the negotiation committee helping to develop a working contract between the school board and the teacher’s union.

Whether Jim is at work on the farm, in church, in education, or the community, people have been a priority for him.  People know Jim as someone who will listen to them and share the good times as well as the not so good.  Jim is a man of action.  If there is a cause or job that needs done people know they can count on Jim to see the project through to its conclusion.  If Pennsylvaniaever had a cause before it certainly has one in 2012.  The people of the PA 66th House district can count on Jim to help them out with the problems they have with the government, with business, and with their communities.

Who should support Jim?

  • If you have children in school, you should support Jim.  He’s a professional educator with 34 years of experience.
  • If you have a farm, you should support Jim.  He understands farming and the many ways that government tries to tell you how to farm.
  • If you are in business, you should support Jim.  He has worked in sales, been a sales manager, and worked on commission.  He can feel your pain as you pour through government regulations that stifle your business.
  • If you love your country, and want to see the rights of the people protected as the Constitution says they should be protected, you should support Jim.  He’s studied and taught the Constitution for years.
  • If you live in the PA 66th House district, you should support Jim.  The PA 66th House district is home to Jim.  He wants to keep it the land of the free and the home of the brave for years to come.  He will vigilantly guard your personal rights and freedoms that the Constitution has guaranteed to you.


If you would like to know where Jim stands on any of the issues take a look at Jim’s Issue Pages.  If your issue is not there tell Jim about it.  He wants to hear from you.


About drjimmbrown

Christian, professional educator, family man, fiscal conservative, defender of family values, skilled communicator.
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